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21-25 October 2024

Black Introvert Week UK

Black Introvert Week UK falls on the final week of Black History Month and seeks to give voice to one of the country’s most misunderstood communities.

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What to expect

Running in the last week in October every year, the campaign focuses on empowering organisations and educational institutions to think in greater depth about the personality diversity and intersectionality of Black employees and students through panel discussions, thought leadership and social campaigns.

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Why is this needed?

Research suggests that extroverts achieve a higher earning potential than their introverted colleagues, are more likely to gain promotions and achieve higher performance evaluations. This has obvious implications in the debate on race disparity, equality of opportunity and how best to tackle the ethnicity pay gap.

That is the driving force behind Black Introvert Week (BIW), which launched during Black History Month 2021. 

Unlocking the talents of all personalities will not only lead to a happier workplace but will improve employee retention, boost the bottom line, and create an agenda of inclusivity that is more than skin deep.


We aim to:

  1. Support teachers and employers to better understand how to recognise and nurture the talents of Black introverts

  2. Raise awareness and understanding of the value that Black introverts bring to a team or classroom

  3. Support Black introverts to have a voice about their experiences 

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Week UK logos and artwork for use on your online channels.


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Featured  interview 

Being an introvert on a board of trustees can be a bit of a daunting experience, particularly one who is new to this often charitable role. How about being a Black introvert on a board – are there differences? How does one navigate such a privileged environment?


Penny Wilson, CEO of Getting on Board, an organisation changing the face of trusteeship, invited BIWUK founder Richard Etienne to discuss this topic. We’re pleased to share the interview in full with you for a limited time. We hope you enjoy.

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