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Introversion in the workplace: hacked.

richard etienne conducting a guardian masterclass in front of a seated crowd

The image you're seeing is the moment we as a class collectively decided the seven words and phrases to remove from our professional vocabulary. I'll expand on that a little bit later.

I always look forward to hosting my masterclass at The Guardian with a particular fondness as it feels like a second home to me. None more so than on 22 October, where in front of a very engaged audience I conducted what was possibly my most energising class yet.

How to succeed as an introvert: An evening class for professionals, is my most requested Masterclass at The Guardian and has been running successfully for over two years. The reason so many people continue to attend is down to the very easy to follow, common sense approach to strengthening one's personal brand if they are not the loudest person in the office.

That brings us nicely back to the image.

One of the words to omit from your professional lexicon? Heed this counsel: next time you write an email, remove the word ‘just’. Be bold.

To learn helpful tips like that and much, much more, save this link in your browser favourites as new class dates are added continuously. I hope to see you at the next event.

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