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My new home

I remember being driven down Whitehall at some point during my late teens and having the penny drop as door-by-door I noticed that a large number of familiar government departments were housed on that street. I recall watching the ant-like swarm of suits emerge from the Westminster tube station and formally stream into each of these government buildings and wondering what it would be like to work there.

It was also on this day that I realised Downing Street was itself an adjacent road to the sturdy spine of government called Whitehall SW1.

Fast forward 12+ years and I'm now working on that very street adjacent to Whitehall.


As the Prime Minister's Office videographer, I am responsible for capturing video of government ministers, senior civil servants and others as part of official visits, trips, speeches, conferences, receptions and a wide range of other events.

To walk along the familiar pavement on a weekly basis and up to the famous shiny, black door (that doesn't always open by itself as I found out on my first day) is such an honour and testament to the rewards that hard work and a strong network can bring.

I look forward to the journey and I'll take you along the non-sensitive parts with me. Follow me on Twitter for more.

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