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I spoke at University of Oxford. Here's what they asked me beforehand...

I'm honoured that the IDRM has featured me in a pre-event interview ahead of my upcoming seminar on personality diversity in academia. In the interview, I open up about my perspectives as an introvert navigating entrepreneurial and professional landscapes.

One of the key points I make is clarifying the difference between introversion and shyness. As an introvert, I embrace drawing energy from solitude and quiet reflection rather than external stimulation. But this doesn't equate to a lack of confidence or leadership ability, as is often misconceived about introverts. I provide examples of famous introverted leaders and innovators to counter this myth.

Candidly, I discuss some of the self-imposed limitations I've had to overcome as an introvert, such as hesitancy around public speaking, networking, and stepping into visible roles. It's been a journey of building self-awareness while still respecting my need for quieter spaces to recharge. With focused effort, I've learned to expand my comfort zones strategically.

The interview allows me to share a window into the concepts I plan to explore more deeply at the IDRM seminar on May 8th. I'll provide practical strategies for introverts and those who collaborate with them to confidently communicate, navigate challenging environments, attract diverse talent, and create enduring relationships and team dynamics.

I'm grateful for the chance to whet readers' appetites with personal insights into my morning routines and reflections on shifting one's perspectives. But there is so much more ground to cover during the live seminar itself.

You can read the full interview on the IDRM's website Let's unlock the incredible potential that can flourish when we celebrate the power of personality diversity together.


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