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I'm officially a sell-out

My special lockdown edition of How to succeed as an introvert has sold out not once, but twice with the 10 June and 8 July dates both fully booked with a growing waiting list to boot. I've now added a new date (1 July), which you can reserve your space on Eventbrite today.

This got me thinking three things which I hope inspire you towards your own successes:

1. I am very blessed to be in a position where I am seen as the expert voice in a field that is very close to my heart. Over the past three years, my masterclasses have enabled me to help thousands of introvert professionals step into their ‘quiet power’. Actively inviting extroverts to my classes has encouraged such leaders to rethink inclusion in the workplace.

2. The importance of practising what I preach allows my successes to act as evidence of what’s achievable when the guidance is put into action. We won’t always get it right first time. However, with persistence and presence of mind, you will experience boundless opportunities.

3. Diversifying my offering is so important. During the opening weeks of lockdown I wrote an ebook that became a survival guide for introverts remote working up and down the country. I can assure you this is not something I would’ve attempted prior to this so-called ‘new normal’. However, giving this book away on LinkedIn gave me a wider audience than I would have had if I simply stuck to creating introvert masterclasses…which then brings me nicely back to point number 1. (As a filmmaker, I love closing a loop).

Download your free copy of my Introvert Survival Guide ebook.

I'll announce new introvert masterclass dates via my website blog and LinkedIn.


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