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How attending conferences can help boost your personal brand

While they can be quite daunting for many of us introverts, there is no denying the vast number of benefits being at a conference can present to help elevate your brand.

Here are my top three:

1. Network that increases net worth

Attending a conference, especially one in your brand's niche, provides the rare opportunity to stand in a venue knowing that at least 75% of the persons present share the same interest as you: branding. Additionally you are able to network with some of the “big names” in your niche. This is one of the easiest ways to build up new professional connections. The energy and inspiration you will take away with you is practically immeasurable.

Networking as an attendee is always a good look for brand owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, but the real triumph often goes to the marketers who command the surrounding stalls. When you as a marketer actively networks at a conference, you may even be able to meet and employ new Investors in People or mentors who are interested in helping a brand like yours, or may be interested in you, personally.

It may surprise you how many people have been able to get their foot in the door of something big, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that’s been waiting just for them to scoop up - simply because they attended a conference.

2. Bounce ideas and receive feedback

You may be the Sheriff of expertise in your town, but chances are not everyone in this conference knows or even cares about your brand. If this sounds like where you are at present, attending a conference is a wonderful way to get ideas and feedback from others who may have already mastered the issue or uphill task you are facing.

For example, say you are having trouble with choosing the right name for your brand's new marketing campaign. Someone at the conference is going to be having a great digital marketing success – and believe it or not – they want to tell you about it.

Merely getting yourself to the very same conference as this individual, you are able to get some insider tips and knowledge for creating and implementing your brand's campaign. Furthermore, you may have just landed yourself a customer and/or brand ambassador who is willing to help you get the word out about your brand even more. You recognised value and took action for your company.

3. Your shameless plug

As conference you can market your brand shamelessly because everyone is there to connect and learn more about each other’s projects, plans, and ideas. The people in attendance want you to market to them, which is why people will come to you and inquire more about your brand and exactly what it does.

The trick to turning shameless, no apology marketing into a way to elevate your brand is to make sure that your elevator pitch is on-point. As 100s or 1000s of other marketers have the potential to be at the conference, you want to make sure that you are able to give a brief (30 seconds or less) yet memorable pitch of your brand to each person that enquires about it.

Don’t 'um, ah, or well' your way through. Practice a straight forward presentation which include a couple of sentences that are informative and concise. Don’t waste anyone’s time. Especially your own.

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