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My first Guardian Masterclass

In March 2017 I saw an advert in The Guardian newspaper that called for experts and experienced professionals with bright ideas for courses in digital, cultural, creative writing or business skills to pitch their masterclass to them.

Having just written my Effective personal branding for women workshop and in the middle of writing a second workshop, I met with the Masterclass team to pitch my idea. What impressed them was the fact that I was able to discuss personal branding from a less-discussed angle that was still relevant. Fast forward to October and you can imagine my (pleasant) surprise when a I receive a WhatsApp message from a friend with this screenshot:


I went out and bought two copies. Just in case.

The evening was well attended and the exercises were enjoyed by all as a whole. After the class, the all in attendance were able to:

- identify exactly where they sat on the introvert/extrovert scale

- identify seven phrases to remove from their vocabulary in order to be heard

- identify their 'confident voice'


I would like to thank all of the Guardian Masterclass team members for their assistance and being open-minded enough to see my vision. I highly recommend this as an experience for experienced professionals who want to add value to people's lives.

If you wish to book me to speak at your company or event, simply email me with the details and I'll be in touch.

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