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50 students. Two classes. One day.

On 22 May I was invited by a new-look Guardian newspaper to conduct two versions of my 'How to be successful as an introvert' masterclass to two very different audiences.

The first, a condensed version of the three-hour class was provided to media graduates as part of the annual Guardian Academy series. My goal was to give the attendees a taste of the wide range of services that The Guardian provides outside of their traditional news distribution service. (insert image of programme). I approached this class with an open mind as I could not guarantee the majority of participants would have given their place on the intro-extrovert scale any deep thought. What followed was a rich and engaging dialogue with all who attended.

The second class was familiar territory as I connected once again with fellow introverts seeking a new way to view their place in the office and strategies to navigate through a world where extroverts dominate the limelight. I thoroughly enjoyed this class as we traded stories of trials and triumph.

If you missed my class this time round fear not for I will be back at The Guardian HQ to host another introvert masterclass on 27 Feb 2019.

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