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Tips from my Guardian Masterclass

A fortnight ago I hosted the very popular 'How to succeed as an introvert' Guardian Masterclass for professionals. Its main aim is to help participants unlearn what is known about introverts in the professional world and acquire tools to help you succeed and build your self-esteem.

The most enjoyable thing about hosting this masterclass is watching the free-flowing exchange of information and contributions that come from beyond me in the form of group participation. This, in a working world where the words 'group' and 'participation' are not ones many would associate with introverts.


Key learnings from some of the attendees on the night included:

- how to stop someone from continually talking over you during meetings - how to use “by zombies” to help identify passive voice in your writing - why having multiple mentors is helpful

Thank you to all who attended and I encourage those of you reading this wanting to improve your personal brand to sign up to my next masterclass in the summer. This was my sixth introvert masterclass and it keeps getting better each time.

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